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Description: Puppy - The Yorkshire Terrier is a long-haired toy terrier whose blue and tan coat is parted on the face and from the base of the skull to the end of the tail and hangs evenly and quite straight down each side of the body. The Yorkie is one of the world's smallest dogs and should not exceed 7 lbs. in weight. He may be tiny but he is a big-dog in a little-dog package. Newborn Yorkie's are born black in color with tan on the eyebrow, jaws, chest and feet. They are fully mature in two years. They are compact in size, sweet in nature and cheerful in character.

Care and Training with your puppy

Frequently daily brushing will keep the coat in beautiful condition. Does best when some type of exercise is given, though it need not be special. A fun through an apartment or house will suffice. Extra care must be taken in cold or bad weather (with yorkshire terrier training and care).

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Yorkshier Terrier Colors

Dark steel blue from back of head to root of their tail. Face, chest and feet are bright tan.

Yorkies Health Issues

Eye irritations, patella luxation, premature dental disease and some puppies are born with open fontanels.

Yorkshire Terriers Temperament

Intelligent, confident, affectionate, lively, brave and spirited.

Living Environment

Apartment, house, urban or rural living are best for your pet.

Yorkshire Terrier - history

A longhaired toy terrier whose blue and tan coat is parted on the face and from the base of the skull to the end of the tail. It hangs evenly and quite straight down each side of the body. The body is neat, compact and well proportioned. The dog's high-head carriage and confident manner should give the appearance of vigor and self-importance.

The Yorkshire Terrier is believed to have originated in Lancashire and Yorkshire, England. The breed (yorkies breeder) had its beginnings among the historically famous weavers of Yorkshire. Great numbers of weavers migrated from Scotland to Lancashire and Yorkshire in the middle 19th century.

Although the working-class men of Yorkshire introduced the breed, the dogs in time, became the fashionable pets of the aristocracy in the late Victorian period. While the beautiful breed exhibits the spirited activities of larger terrier breeds, it is a toy in group classification.

Another Yorkshire Terrier Breeders descriptions

Yorkshire Terriers have a truly unique disposition. They are audacious little dogs that possess a lively spirit. Yorkies are obedient to their owner and boldly protect their territory. Even though they are small in size their personality has great magnitude. This intelligent little dog makes a wonderful companion for families with older children. Since Yorkshire Terriers often weigh under ten pounds they can easily be stepped on and injured. A Yorkie owner needs to always be aware of their presence.

Besides being small in stature, the Yorkshire Terrier's coat has a deep grayish-blue coloring over the back and down the tail. As a puppy, the Yorkshire Terrier's fur is much darker and gradually lightens with maturity. Their heads, legs, and underside are a rich shade of gold, and their fur is soft and fine in texture. The ears stand pointed and alert, listening for unusual sounds. Yorkies have beautiful, round, deep-brown eyes that can melt the heart.

Yorkshire Terriers need to be groomed regularly. Professional dog grooming parlors do a wonderful job in properly grooming the Yorkshire Terrier. In between trips to the grooming parlor, a Yorkie should be brushed at least every other day to keep the coat from becoming dull and matted. A Yorkshire Terrier should be bathed with a conditioning shampoo when it becomes necessary. Bathing too often can be drying to the skin.

Since Yorkshire Terriers have black toenails, trimming them at home can be more difficult. The vein within is not visible, and trimming should be carefully done with a good quality nail clipper designed for dogs. It is best to clip small slivers off at a time to prevent injury, or this job can be left up to professionals. Once a dog has had a nail clipped too short it often will resent having its feet handled or its nails clipped.

Having a Yorkshire Terrier will provide you with a loving companion and a dog to be proud of. The Yorkie has few health problems when properly vaccinated and cared for. They love to take walks, curl up beside you in your favorite chair, and they will greet you with excitement and love each time you come home. The Yorkshire Terrier is a wonderful dog to adopt as a member of your family.

(Written by Kimberly Osburn )

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